Process optimization

with the modus AOI

For an integrated, post-wave inspection solution in theproduction process, the development of a new opticaltest system for mounting under a conveyor was developed.The modus AOI MLD1200-IUA checks solder jointsand parts directly after wave or selective soldering. Thereliable identification of open or incomplete solder joints,solder bridges, missing pins as well as the shape of thesolder joint from the wave-solder side reduces test andin-field failures.

The modus AOI offers the additional benefit that expensiveflip stations are not required. The gain of spaceallows simultaneous inspection of the boards from aboveand from below. At the repair station, the fault data isdisplayed, the repair is documented and fault conditionconfirmed. This information, fed back through SPC datacan help to improve and optimise process control. Traceabilityusing Barcode or Data-Matrix codes is supportedand can be collected by the AOI from above as well asfrom below with the modus double-sided system.The modus S1-IDA is available as either in-line or offline.They have been developed over the years basedon customer needs and requests and they are offeredexclusively by modus High-Tech.

Modus AOI systems, saves time, space and thereforemoney. The typical pay-back period is between eight totwelve months.