Process optimization

AOI camera systems


Optical inspection with the modus MCSIO allowsfor inexpensive and flexible test of the individual productionprocesses.

A combination of the 10 megapixel HD (high-definition)system camera with the powerfuland reliable modus AOI-software means validationof mechanical assemblies, presence, position andinterchange of plugs, stickers, fixings, reading ofbarcodes and data-matrix-codes can be checkedthoroughly. The system is suitable for frequent changesof performance requirements.

The flexible setupallows the unit to be used for batch testing/inspectionas a standalone or can be mounted for in an in- lineoperation. To have an even higher resolution or testarea, several cameras can beactivated and/or combined for a test program. Theoptional integration in a function test, recording theinspection results (traceability) and the integratedcapture of barcode and data-matrix codes allows anoptimal observation and optimisation of the process(closed-loop).