Calculated security

The new service and attendance system

More than 20 years of knowhow are incorporated into the technologies of the modus AOI-systems. Long lifecycle of the equipment as well as low downtime in the production process are the most important demands in today’s production lines. It is essential that the production staff is able to operate the equipment easily and efficiently.


Modus has developed a multi-stage program to support their customer’s training requirements. Instruction in groups or as individuals, for short or long periods, on-site or at the modus facility in Willich, Germany – special tailored programs are available.

Setup and startup


Each customer, each manufacturer and each production process has different requirements; therefore modus provides a maximum of flexibility and professionalism to meet these requirements. The modus units are customised and ready to run when delivered and therefor customers can install the system into the line straight away. The service and support team at modus trains the equipment operators and together, the approval and signoff of the equipment is completed.


Besides the support, which is guaranteed by our own technical staff, modus has also built up a certification program for its service partners. The certified partners are trained and assessed to the very highest standards before they achieve the official status “Modus Certificated Service Partner”.

Current certified service partners:

modus: USA, Canada, Rumänien, Polen
Accelonix: France, Spain, Italy, U.K. Mexico
Premtronic: Thailand, Malaysia
Bergen Group: India
PSP: Brasil
B&P Automation: China
SCH: USA, CN, Mex. ASIA ( CC insp.)
T&M: Benelux
TE: Terminal inspection, WW