Process optimization

with the modus AOI

Since a large part of the error in the production of electronic assemblies are caused to paste printing process, it is with increasing quality and cost pressure and more important to optimize the printing process.

Especially the increasing component density requires not only a high precision stencil a completely clean stencil, because clogged apertures prevent the printing of a sufficient paste deposits.

Even automatic cleaning machines afford but under circumstances (eg dried paste residues, incorrect or spent cleaning agent) no 100% integration cleaning.

Using a perfectly clean and undamaged template is thus ensured only through a complete inspection before each use in screen printers.

Thus, a crucial source of error excluded in the paste printing process and the first-pass yield of total production can be substantially increased.


ModusAOI ST1200

An automatic inspection system for stencils and screens, has been specially developed to meet the needs of the assembly shop.

The special lighting system, templates can simultaneously illuminated with reflected and transmitted light. Colored LED elements under opti-paint angle produce a clear reflection of red Lotpastenrückständen.

  • The test for contamination and paste residues is done without programming!
  • Inspection in 25 seconds per page!
  • Inspection for damage (for example, crushed fine pitch webs) by Gerber simple data import.
  • Recognition of etched structures and Fiducialkennungen
  • Through the special recording the inspection of both template pages is possible.
  • Designed as a mobile workplace allows the flexible and rapid deployment in production.
  • Developed in collaboration with customers the automotive industry