Process optimization

Inspection of THT soldering process

Although the process of PCB assembly has undergone a fundamental change in recent years and the conventional through-hole mounting technology has been increasingly replaced by the SMD technology, the electronics industry can not be dispensed with THT technology in many areas.

In particular, components that are exposed to high mechanical loads, such as relays, coils, capacitors and power strips are soldered with modern selective soldering or the established scale wave soldering.

The first-pass yield of soldering is typically much lower than in the reflow process. Typical errors are, for example, open solder joints, solder bridges and solder bumps. High quality and reliability standards require this test and inspection tools that not only provide all the information for a repair facility, but also allow an optimization of the process.

Even with large-scale tests and changing products, a check within the production cycle must take place in order to achieve a high productivity.



The automatic inspection by modusAOI ensures a quick and complete examination of all brazed assemblies.

The combination of multi-colored LED lighting and color line scan camera enables clear meniscus and short circuit inspection. The full-scan imaging of the art, the hun-amended owned recognition is ensured by wander-the solder balls.

Compared to manual inspection with the results of modusAOI are not operator dependent, but always act objectively and reproducibly. The inspection allows rapid feedback of process faults (closed-loop).

The test results are displayed for documented repair of the module on the rework places. This results in time and cost savings as well as a significant increase in quality.


  • modusAOI saves time, space and money.
  • The typical payback is eight to twelve months

Quality through process control


reliable fault detection

  • Solder bridges, solder splashes
  • stray solder balls up to 100m (fully covered)
  • open solder joints, missing pins, crooked connector
  • Identification of DMC / barcode on the review page without additional Reader


high inspection depth and large test facility

  • high-resolution color scanner
  • multi-color LED lighting
  • 24Bit Color, 14.040x20.400 Pixel per Scan
  • Test field: max. 420mm*550mm
  • high speed: 25mm/Sekunde
  • entire surface parallax


clear operation

  • Display the error position and representation of error and comparison image
  • It looks identical to the test system and repair stations
  • Fault is assigned by pressing a button statistics
  • Teaching staff within a few minutes


Statistics and Process Control

  • Traceability by evaluating barcode / 2D code / RFID
  • Cost saving because of quick process optimization
  • intuitive inspection plan
  • graphical interface
  • Powerful and flexible test algorithms


Underfloor system

  • Inspection of the PCB underside without turning station
  • Seamless integration into the manufacturing process behind the selective and wave soldering


double system

  • Double-sided inspection of THT solder joints and components at line speed


line integration

  • Flexible repair station concept
  • Easy integration into the placement line
  • Data Mapping through barcode / 2D code / RFID



  • Easy handling due to variable assemblies recording