modus high-tech electronics GmbH


  • 1987 The Start!

    Establishment of the Franck Engineering System by the technical head and AOI pioneer degreed engineer Klaus Franck.

  • 1998 New paths – new technology!

    Presentation of the first AOI based scanner.

  • 2000 Alternation from Engineering Consulting to a Capital company

    Establishment of the modus high-tech electronics GmbH,

  • 2000 Award-winning!

    1. Price in the cutthroat competition of the engineering center NRW.

  • 2003 Growth!

    The modus high-tech electronics GmbH has 20 employees and already over 100 systems in use. 1200dpi scanner development, multi-angle red LED‘s with microlenses

  • 2005 Technical extension!

    64-bit Intel computer concept, calibriation of systems for the flexible use of linesystems, MFU for 1200dpi.

  • 2006 Improvements to come!

    AOI hardware + software extension, hardware optimization, software optimization, filter optimization. Building international sales organizations.

  • 2007 Color calibration!

    Scanner system with color calibration template and automatic RGB Level-approximation for multi system use.

  • 2007 Parallax altitude!

    A parallax free image at 1200dpi is achieved by using a special lens system.

  • 2008 Development of the new S1 scanner!

    Coverage 420 x 550 mm. Complete hardware-software development of the CCD camara and the mirror carriage. Computers equipped with quad CPU 64. AOI evaluation has been increased by 100% by the Quad CPU.

  • 2009 Rectification of the scanner image.

    Through the rectification software the scanner image is 100% identical to the calibration target. According to this, the test plan exchange from one system to another can be done without loosing time! Over 500 systems sold wordwide.

  • 2010 another director is added!

    Degreed engineer / MBA Gerald Landt occurs as the second managing partner in addition to Klaus Franck. He is responsable for sales, marketing and administration.

  • 2010 conformal coating inspection of diversity products

    The activated UV-trace of the coating material enable to detect weak areas of the conformal coating process.

  • 2011 Development of “ modular AOI” iScan 420-T

    Diverse inspections are able to process on the fly with adapted standard conveyors.

  • 2012 certified according DIN/ISO 9001:2008

    ZertifizierungnachDIN/ISO9001:2008 ZertifizierungnachDIN/ISO9001:2008

  • 2012 Development of an inline PTH AOI module with down conveyor for selective- and wave oven application.

    This system is based on our S1 scanner for Top and bottom inspection in one go.